Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Roof collapsed

The whole entire roof on this home was removed in Jacksonville, AL after a tornado came through. The damage was extensive and this family depended on US at SERV... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This was a storm damage in MO. We made sure to get there as quick as we possibly could. When we were able to get there the day after it happened, it was a compl... READ MORE

Big Storm Damage

This was a storm damage in MO. We drove out there and made sure to start right away. These people were devastated and needed our help as much as possible. The f... READ MORE


This is a home in Jacksonville, FL. We did storm work there that was caused by hurricane Matthew. It was terrible to see how much damage was caused to their hom... READ MORE

Huge Storm Damage

This storm damage was at a house in Fernandina Beach, FL. It was after hurricane Matthew had come through and destroyed most of their home. They told us their w... READ MORE

Hurricane Matthew Damage

This was a home in Jacksonville, FL that was damaged by hurricane Matthew. It took a beating for sure and was very severely damaged. We got in there and listene... READ MORE

Florida Storm Damage

This was a storm damage in Jacksonville, FL. We went there and this was during Hurricane Matthew and it was horrible. We got in there and got everything torn ou... READ MORE