Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Lots of Mold

This was at a Plant and it was all over the place. We were able to get in there and clean and deodorize everything as well as fix everything to where there was no mold left. We made it look brand spanking new by the time we were done.

Big Mold Job

This Plant had mold all in the building. We made sure to get it all out and everything cleaned. We made it look like it was a brand new building. The people were very happy with the work we did and said they would recommend us.

School Mold

This was one of the rooms of a local school. They had found mold and it was in more than 1 of the rooms. Luckily we found it and we had to tear out some baseboards and other items to completely remove all of the mold from the rooms. 

School Bathroom Mold

This was the bathroom of a local school. It had mold all the way around the walls. We made sure to get in there and tear out all of the affected areas and items and replace them as well. We made it look “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Mold Remediation

This was a commercial building that was completely covered in mold around the walls. We got in there and tore out everything affected. We listened to their wants and concerns and explained the cleaning and restoration process to them and made sure it looked “Like it never even happened.”


This was a local building with mold all around the floors and walls as well. We went in and made sure to listen to their wants and concerns as well as explain the process to them clearly. We got in tore out everything that had been affected by the mold and deep cleaned the areas as well. We always make everything better than our last job.